Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy yoga offers mums-to-be a space to prepare mentally and physically for birth and beyond. Physical postures and breathing exercises, combined with deep relaxation, work together to ease common aches and pains associated with pregnancy (back pain, pelvic pain, sciatica, swollen joints, heartburn, insomnia and breathlessness). Other benefits include promoting trust and self confidence to ease fear and anxiety; and maintaining fitness and suppleness to aid a faster recovery after birth.  You will learn breathing techniques to relax the body and mind and relieve pain during labour. The tools learnt in class will assist you in approaching the journey into motherhood with grace and ease. 

I have experience teaching group classes at Mermaid Maternity Retreat, The Life Centre and The Light Centre and also private 1:1 sessions. 

Private sessions in the comfort of your own home.  Book your session now. 

Prices start from £60 (discounts available depending on location and number of sessions).

You can now practice with me online by subscribing to 

Thursday Mornings 
Pregnancy Yoga 3-4pm
Postnatal Yoga 4.15-5pm